National Park Artist Residencies

Homestead National Monument of America   Spring 2015

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area   Autumn 2015

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument   Autumn 2016

Petrified Forest National Park    Winter 2016

Padre Island National Seashore

Winter 2017

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Spring 2017

Current Artist Statement

I am driven to create/recreate the things I see because they stir my spirit… I seek a glimpse into the souls of our world, past and present, through my wanderings and I hope to effectively portray them in my drawings, prints and photographs. One of my goals is to express the flashes of wonder I experience in and from the natural world and human power sites such as ancient ruins – to convey the force of the wind, flora, fauna – and the underlying spirit that touches our hearts when we spend long hours in nature and in National Parks of all kinds. It is increasingly important to me to model Leave No Trace principles and to speak about my brand of stewardship of the National Parks through my work.

In my artwork I often depict human-made structures along with creatures from each area… Birds in flight and animals within the landscape introduce movement into images of buildings and natural features. I enjoy drawing for hours on end at ancient ruins such as Mesa Verde, Wupatki and Hovenweep, among so many others, and I am often visited by crows and ravens – coming near for a look… My natural curiosity and my meditation on design, balance, graphic force and the mystery of place combine in my artwork to draw in the viewer.

Through my public programs I hope to introduce people to the ancient art of woodblock printing and to talk about my unique style of Leave No Trace Art, as well as discuss stewardship of the National Parks through art. A priority will be to offer a woodblock printing demonstration and, given the opportunity, my lecture Find Your Park Through Art, which incorporates artwork and photography in a slideshow/talk about my art processes in National Parks and my experiences with Artist-in-Residence programs in six different parks from 2014 to 2017.

I have worn many hats in my life, presently focusing on my role as an educator and printmaker. I currently travel America’s landscape extensively and, as part of my Find Your Park Through Art campaign, I am creating a series of relief prints celebrating our National Parks. I have helped to inspire others to take up this campaign through a weekend with three artists at Bighorn Canyon NRA, an event with another artist at Agate Fossil Beds NP last October, and a residency at Petrified Forest NP in November. As one of the speakers for the 8th Annual Plein Air Festival in Zion NP I gave my talk, Find Your Park Through Art. In addition, as part of the Zion Canyon Field Institute educational offerings, I gave a relief printing workshop at Zion NP in November, 2016.

During 20-plus years I have traveled to an array of sites in search of petroglyphs, pictographs and dwelling places of the archaic to early modern day peoples. My curiosity has led me to Wupatki (including Crack-in-the-Rock Ruin,) Grand Gulch, Mesa Verde, Chaco, Canyon de Chelly, Casa Grande, Hovenweep, Petrified Forest, Keet Seel (overnight trip,) Betatakin, Bandelier, among others, and to petroglyph and pictograph sites too numerous to list, including the Great Gallery in Canyonlands on 3 separate visits! As a woman raised knowing that I have American Indian blood in my veins (my paternal grandmother was Algonquin) it has been a journey for me of discovery and love to learn about those who came before. My mother’s father sacrificed his life to save a fellow pilot during WWII, and my searching has brought me closer to understanding the man he might have become had he lived beyond age 23.

The opportunity to be an Artist-in-Residence in Mesa Verde would be an incredible boost to my ability to gather new ideas and inspiration from the rich landscape and history represented at MEVE. Through many visits to Mesa Verde and other important sites in the Southwest I have expanded my knowledge and understanding of the ancient cultures that inhabited this land I love. The luxury of time and location to sketch and create relief prints would certainly enrich my experience, and it will be my pleasure to donate a framed work or digital image to Mesa Verde as I further promote the AiR program by traveling and giving talks and exhibits of my National Park inspired portfolio of work.



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