28 September 2013    Northbound 35

morning – point au roche to chazy

44 degrees, 92% humidity

cold on the bike… the canada geese leading me north, talking, talking, talking as they fly and land and take off and land and eat corn… fog clinging to the corn, and still being made over the lake… everything changing color, leaves falling, flying down the road… sensei crow in a dead tree with small black bird pupils hanging on it’s every word… the lake steaming, just handfuls of boats left moored in the rising fog, sun screaming off the water… young fox foraging – a big dead raccoon in the road just beyond him… apple pickers ambling out with their bags over their shoulders, waiting to catch the buses up to the orchard – the smell of their breakfast lingering in the air… and the apples, the apples so red and full and heavy on the limbs!

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