Eyewitness to Haiyan: A photographer’s story

Bullit Marquez and other journalists make us see the devastation first hand – they spur us into action through their self-sacrifice and hard work.

CNN Photos

Photojournalist Bullit Marquez was standing by in Manila waiting to find out whether Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in recorded history, would strike the Philippines.

Marquez’s job leads him into situations that most people would flee. To get to Tacloban, a hard-hit city in the central Philippines, he boarded a military aircraft and began shooting Saturday, a day after the typhoon tore through the region.

“You get overwhelmed by the devastation,” he said. “It’s very hard not to get overcome by emotion.”

The Associated Press photographer spoke with CNN via satellite phone from Tacloban. By 9 a.m. Tuesday, he was among the press operating out of the local airport.

It’s a four-hour walk to travel from the airport to the city, where Marquez takes the majority of his photographs. The distance limits him to filing images to his editors about once a day after a journey back to…

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