Electra’s Things

Across Lake Champlain from here lies an amazing collection started by Electra Havemeyer Webb (August 16, 1888 – November 19, 1960) and opened as a museum in 1947. Shelburne Museum is located on what once was Electra’s in-laws farm in Vermont. Electra married an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune and spent many happy days at their farm. She was raised in a wealthy family surrounded by priceless Impressionist paintings and traveled the world throughout her life… But her collecting gravitated toward craft work, decorative arts and hand-made objects. Some of the most wonderful pieces we enjoyed at Shelburne Museum were the carousel animals, quilts, miniature scenes, and fanciful over-sized objects created for advertisements.

As you will see from my photographs, I also loved the architecture… The windows, the lovely unpainted wood… And the details, so many wonderful weather vanes, decoys, carved objects. I hope you enjoy your journey with me through Shelburne Museum!

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