Step Into the Garden

These hot summer days are helping to precipitate some lovely blooming up at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. Armed with our hats, water and cameras (of course) we strolled the garden and witnessed some of the most amazing flowers bursting forth in full glory… Including the favorite of many – lotus blossoms.


The eventual result after the lotus flower has lost it’s petals is the large seed pod that – to me – resembles an old-fashioned shower head. This day we saw all stages of the lotus, from just budding to petals gone or falling as we watched. One lotus even had a large spider poised on it’s stamen waiting for it’s eventual meal of tender, juicy bee.





I love the cattails this time of year. They are like velvet and so fresh and beautiful you want to cut them and bring them home.






The Chinese garden was lush with lotus flowers, black eyed susans and people. We watched a brief Qi Gong demonstration/class in front of the pond. Currently the garden is preparing the silk lantern exhibit – which will open in September. A yearly event, it constitutes hundreds of illuminated silk sculptural lanterns all created in Shanghai with a central theme and design chosen by the Montreal gardens.


This is the first time I have seen the Chinese Garden while the silk lantern exhibit is being installed. The pond was partially drained and you could see the platforms that will eventually hold amazing silk sculptures. The workers had begun with these lovely boats, which just peaked our interest to see the final result.










The gardens were followed by a wonderful meal at Rumi – “Rumi invites guests to experience the authentic cuisine and ambience of the Middle East , Central Asia and North Africa – known by many today as the cuisine of the Sufis”… a favorite stop after lunch is Cocoa Locale where you can stock up on the most amazing and original cakes I have ever tried!

The morning at the garden, the lovely meal at Rumi, and the stop at Cocoa Locale were enough to sustain the feeling of a wonderful day despite an hour and a half wait to get back across the border in the hot sun!

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