Recent Prints

There have been clouds of wood shavings flying from the woodblocks in my studio these days – I’ve also been focused on drawing and making prints. I believe I’ve generated more prints in the last four or five months than the many previous years combined. Some might say I have been visited by my muse. I appreciate the concept of the muse in art – a spirit or source inspiring art creation… However, ideas and creations are not solely the responsibility of a potentially fleeting spirit outside the artist…

Another definition of muse is to have deep thoughts, or to meditate. This is a large part of how I see my artistic muse these days. It is not merely a presence visiting and inspiring – it is hard work, observation and time spent in the outdoors – and being driven as well by the desire to push my ideas to the next level ~ along with many hours of drawing and carving fine lines in wood.

I hope you enjoy my musings from the last few months…

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  1. I couldn’t hear the sound of the bird, but what you described made me think of a camp robber, sometimes known as a Rocky Mountain Jay, Peterson’s bird book refers to it as a Gray Jay. Maybe a Clark’s nut cracker?

    I always enjoy your updates, and especially this one on the Big Horn Canyon.

    Best to you and Shaun

    Rita and Tim

  2. I see from the Guadalupe Mtn Natl Park website that you will be Artist in Residence there this Spring? I’m a ceramic artist living in Alpine, Tx and very interested in wood/lino printmaking. I would love to come to the park and meet and visit with you while you’re here in my neighborhood. Your work is wonderful! And I love your approach.
    Judy Freeman

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