And Now ~ For Something Completely Different…

we were visited this morning by a very unusual guest ~ we found this huge fly buzzing around our front yard and hanging out on the side of our RV. neither of us had ever seen a fly this large! despite it’s size something told me not to be frightened of it so we included my hand in the second photo for a sense of scale – when it flew away however, it sounded like a small Harley and i was duly startled!

my dad thought it might be a horse fly, and, upon further research we think he might be right… glad it didn’t bite us!

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  1. What a mind-boggling coincidence! I pulled in to work this morning (in Plattsburgh, NY) and, as I got out of my car I see on the car next to me what could be mistaken for the same insect. Google Lens identified it as a giant horsefly (specifically Tabanus bovinus in this case). I was amazed by its size, about and inch and a quarter I’d say.

    Amazing in its own right, but then I get to desk and notice an email from my wandering friend Amanda about a blog update, and just leafing through randomly for a few seconds, I click on this post!

    1. don’t let one of those things bite you, it hurts!!! good to hear from you. how’ve you been? how’s george? sending you both hugs! if you’re ever out west come see me!!!

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