Wandering West

I am not sure how to begin… With the death of Shaun on July 13, I have lost my editor, photographer, best friend, lover, husband, soul mate, guide and the wonderful man I have been partner with for more than half my life. Most of the time I feel very fortunate to have known Shaun for 28 amazing years… and then there are the difficult times when I just miss my friend. None of these losses are completely real to me yet.

I knew I needed to keep wandering my path, no matter the challenges of traveling and continuing my life without my sweet man… This is the first installment of my most recent travels.

After much work at my house and visiting with dear friends I began to focus on leaving for a trip west to fulfill two artist residencies, the first in Trinidad, Colorado. I packed up my trailer, Nizhoni (the Dinè word for ‘beautiful’), and my Sprinter van, Usain Bolt, and headed west from Point au Roche, NY on a Monday early in the morning. After a few days of tiring but relatively easy travel I landed in Lincoln, NE – two days earlier than planned. I walked into my parents kitchen and surprised them…


The next few weeks will be filled with delicious food, wandering and healing family time. Yesterday my folks and I visited the rural area near Davey, NE where my father grew up on a farm. We also stopped at the cemetery where his grandparents and other family members are buried, including my recently deceased Uncle Art. You can read about my great grandparents and father’s family in this post: Walk The Line


Along with family time and extra hugs I have been receiving much needed kitten therapy from Mr. Blue and Sylvester, augmented by the lovely older cat, Mouse. All three are quite sweet and really know how to purr. The young boys both have little razor blades for claws but are usually pretty sweet and gentle. Mouse has not been introduced to them fully and may be in for a bit of a shock. They all belong to my parents.


Stay tuned for more posts along the route… Once in Trinidad, CO I will be in totally uncharted territory. My residency there is three months long and I will be leading relief printing workshops for all ages and skill levels as well as offering support for Trinidad History Museum events… and making new friends.

Trinidad History Museum Creative in Residence

5 thoughts on “Wandering West Leave a comment

  1. What a perfect and heartbreaking and hopeful post. Thank you for keeping us all with you on your trails and adventures ❤️.

  2. Beautiful start Amanda…..sending love and hugs from NY. Missing you but so glad to have your blog to help keep up with your journey!

  3. Glad you are launched on your new beginnings,Amanda, … supported by your past memories, sweet friends and personal talent. Your comments elevate the content of the day.

  4. Nebraska sounds like the perfect first stop – be careful one of the kittens doesn’t sneak on board – or two – xo

  5. I”m sure your parents loved seeing you earlier than expected. You know Shaun would want you to keep wandering and artisting.. . Take care on the roads and all the best in Colorado.

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