Our Shared Anniversary

In 1996 Shaun and I planned our wedding in the North Country after being a couple for six years. When we told my Grandma Patty about our proposed date (which was Saturday, August 24) she informed us that August 22 was a significant date in our family. She and my Grandpa Clinton Wear, her parents Marnie & John Rowland, and her sister and brother-in-law, Barbara & Alan Thompson were all married on August 22. So, we decided to marry on Thursday, August 22.

This year on my anniversary I visited the town where my grandparents, great aunt, and great grandparents (among other family) spent much of their lives. Farnam, Nebraska is a tiny town these days (official population 165), many of the old buildings have been razed, and none of my close family live there any longer.  The following is a brief tour of Farnam.

On a hillside overlooking town is the cemetery… There we visited the graves of extended family and the new site of a bench commemorating my Grandma Patty. There is also a marker for my Grandpa Clinton Wear who was killed while trying to rescue a fellow Navy flier near the end of World War II.

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  1. The design of the fencing draws your vision upwards – I have a feeling it will work its way on to your paper – you and Shaun choose your date well – a shared anniversary is so very special – sending you a special hug

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