Beautiful Trinidad, CO

Though I have been posting photos regularly on my Instagram and Facebook pages I know some of you are not using these platforms and thought I would update folks with a little photo essay of my current home and wanderings.

On September 3 my residency at the Trinidad History Museum began and I moved in to my lovely apartment overlooking Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado. I happened to arrive in town, trailer in tow, just a few hours before the Labor Day Parade down Main Street.

I will spare all the gushing about this cool town and simply say I am falling in love with the place, fast. Here is a gallery of photos of my living space and some of the surrounding historic structures that are part of the History Museum campus.


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  1. Trinidad looks charming bordering on enchanting. The sunny little studio/exhibit space opening on the street is just a bundle of possibilities! Thanks so much for sharing, Amanda!

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