Trinidad Wanderings



As my residency deepens I am continuing my exploration of Trinidad and the surrounding sights. It’s been good for my spirit to be in Colorado exploring this town and meeting new friends. Although definitely not easy to be without my wandering artist partner of 28 years… (It’s obviously amazing to be lucky enough to share new sights, foods, friends with your soul mate). But I have been meeting some pretty wonderful people and continuing to be artistically inspired… both of which feed my soul and ease my pain. I have never lived in a place that is so artistically charged as Trinidad.

I do a lot of walking, running, and archery – I’ve also just started to find the hiking trails around town and beyond. On the recommendation of locals I took a long drive around what is called the Highway of Legends… an 82 mile loop that starts here in Trinidad and continues through the mountains, affording a spur trip up 11,248 foot high Cordova Pass. It was lovely! The small towns, lakes, wildflowers, terrain… all captivating for this lover of the southwest. The views were great as well.

Recently I helped at the new space Artocade has acquired for their Art Cartopia Museum. Met some nice folks, worked my rear off mopping dirty floors, and generally enjoyed the day! It’s fun to be involved with something as cool as Artocade… If you want to see photos of the parade check out my previous blog post

Because Shaun had some nice camera gear around I have begun to work on my photography skills again… somewhat haltingly since my sensei is not here to help. His favorite camera has now become ‘the big girl camera’ and I will include some of those shots in this post. Take it easy on me… they aren’t the amazing Shaun pics you are all accustomed to, but I will do my best!

I have nearly finished my first Trinidad inspired print, ‘Wolf Bird Welcome Committee” and have begun the drawing for my next image… ‘I Met Coyote at the Archery Range’… I’ll include photos of the first and stay tuned for more!


4 thoughts on “Trinidad Wanderings Leave a comment

  1. Dear Amanda, don’t knock your photography skills – these photos are beautiful. I especially like morning moon. What a glorious adventure you’re having and all the while you’re deepening your artistic heart. Sending you lots of love.

  2. I love the photos and artwork! Perhaps it is somehow cathartic to look through the same lens as Shawn did. The place looks amazing and it seems made for you., Take care!! eo

  3. “The Capture of Beauty and Light”. The magic’s rubbing off on you! Lots of love and hugs your way… Newtron

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