Recent Prints

Some friends have been wondering how things are going so here are my four most recent images to give you a peek at the inspiration I have had in the last four months… I also included the jack rabbit image I completed last summer. Two images are inspired by my stay in Trinidad, CO as the Creative-in-Residence at Trinidad History Museum, one was inspired by my residency at Craigardan in the Adirondacks and Lilly, Guadalupe and the Jacks of Hearts came out of my residency at Guadalupe Mountains in Texas.I Met Coyote at the Archery RangeLilly, Guadalupe and the Jacks of HeartsWolf Bird Welcome CommitteeAdirondack View

3 thoughts on “Recent Prints Leave a comment

  1. Amanda…these prints (love particularly the fox) make my day. What a creative collection. It is obvious that you are strong, evolving,and inspired. I believe you will never walk alone. Love is love forever more…

  2. Amanda,

    Thank you so much for submitting a piece to the Creede Arts Council Steamroller Printing event today. Your work is fantastic!
    I hope you return every year!!

    Becky M.

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